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Bishop table is handcrafted in brass & Copper. Decorated with beautiful hand beaten texture.The form is inspired by the pieces of a Chess game.

Ancient civilizations have recognized Copper’s antimicrobial properties for centuries. It’s time to bring the material back in this age of pandemics. Copper surfaces are resistant to bacteria, superbugs and even corona virus. When corona virus land on most hard surfaces, they can live for up to four to five days. But when the virus land on copper, they begin to die within minutes and are undetectable within hours.

Bishop Table Grand 

Product Code - SSMCPT09

Dimension : 21 Inch Dia x 25 inch Height / 53 cm Dia x 63.5 cm Height

Bishop Table Big

Product Code - SSMCPT08

Dimension : 18 Inch Dia x 24 inch Height / 46 cm Dia x 61 cm Height

Bishop Table Small

Product Code - SSMCPT07

Dimension : 16 Inch Dia x 21 Inch Height / 41 cm Dia x 53 cm Height

Material- Brass & Copper

Finishes- Available in Brass, Antique Brass and Copper

Care: Do not use any chemical to clean the table. Dust it using dry cotton cloth.

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